Vol. 15 No. 1
Ergonomical studies on single row power weeder for rice crop
Abstract: Weed infestation was identified as one of the major constraints of rice cultivation and different weed control methods had significant effect on crop growth and yield parameters. The single row power weeder would serve the purpose of minimum damages done to rice plants, cost effectiveness, low weight and easy to operate .Tests were carried out to assess the ergonomical performance of the single row power weeder on the basis of number of weeding operation done by male and female workers. The performance of male workers was more efficient than female worker. The actual field capacity of power weeder operated by male worker found as 0.045 ha h-1 with weeding efficiency of 80.95 per cent and operated by female workers was 0.038 ha/h and 80.5%,respectively. The physiological response of male and female workers during operation was recorded and it was found that the mean working heart rate of male workers was 108.9 beat min-1 and female workers was 114.2 beat min-1. The oxygen uptake in terms of VO2 max was above the acceptable limit of 35% of VO2 max and it was found that the power weeder could be operated continuously 21 min by male workers and 18 min by female workers for frequent working. The energy expenditure rate of male and female workers was found 12.73 and 13.32 kJ min-1, respectively. The operation was graded as “light” work for male and “moderate” work for female workers according to ICMR report it means that single row power weeder is operated frequently by both male and female workers.
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