Vol. 15 No. 1
Evaluation of leguminous cover crop and banana bio-mat mulching for weed suppression and conservation of soil moisture and nutrient in guava orchard
Abstract: An experiment was carried out to evaluate the effect of cover crop and banana bio-mat mulching on weed suppression and moisture and nutrient conservation in guava orchard during 2016-17 at ICAR-AICRP on Fruits, BCKV. All mulching treatments were found effective for suppression of weed and conservation of moisture and nutrient, compared with unmulched control. Black polythene mulching recorded maximum weed control efficiency (WCE: 67.96%), soil moisture (21.90%) and temperature (25.300 C), however, it was non-biodegradable in nature. Among organic mulches, cover crop + banana bio-mat (webbed leaf sheath) mulching recorded the maximum WCE (61.49%), leaf nutrient content (NPK) and soil P2O5 (41.53 kg ha-1) after harvest. The maximum organic carbon (0.92%) and available N (242.10 kg ha-1) content of soil were recorded due to cover crop + chopped leaf of banana mulching, while the maximum soil K2O (234.58 kg ha-1) content was recorded under cover crop + banana bio-mat (webbed leaf) mulching. Application of cover crop and banana bio-mat mulch was therefore, suggested for eco-friendly and cost effective management of weeds and sustainable conservation of moisture and nutrients of soil in guava orchard grown in the Gangetic Alluvium region of West Bengal.
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