Vol. 15 No. 1
Constraints faced by the organic farmers of Manipur state, India
Abstract: Manipur, one of the North-Eastern states in India has the advantage of the vast cultivated area, which has remained free of the contamination from chemicals, with very low or zero use of agrochemicals, can be instantly converted to organic farming. From the available records it is found that the conversion from conventional to organic farming is increasing over time in Manipur; although in a very slow rate. The activities of different organizations had influenced the farmers over large areas to convert as an organic cohort. The present study was undertaken tostudy the constraints faced by the farmers associated with organic farming. The study was conducted in four districts of Manipur (two each from hill viz. Ukhrul and Senapati, and valley viz. Imphal-West, Imphal-East), selected purposively because there was a tradition to cultivate crops organically. The study revealed that economic constraints were perceived highest followed by institutional andpolicy aspects, infrastructural and situational aspects, and managerial constraints. The lowest level of constraints faced on personal aspects. It is suggested that the government should establish organic input agencies, assured market for organic produce, setting up of policies to assure remunerative price to improve organic cultivation in Manipur.
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