Vol. 15 No. 1
Yield, quality and soil fertility as influenced by rabi castor (Ricinus communis L.) based intercropping system
Abstract: An experiment comprising nine treatments of sole crops and intercropping systems viz., castor sole, lucerne sole, chicory sole, fenugreek sole, carrot sole, castor + lucerne (1:2), castor + chicory (1:2), castor + fenugreek (1:2), and castor + carrot (1:2) was conducted in a randomized block design with three replications. Sole castor, castor + lucerne and castor + fenugreek (1:2) found equally effective with respect to seed yield of castor. These treatments were found significantly superior than rest of the treatments. With regards to intercrops viz- lucerne, chicory, fenugreek and carrot the maximum green forage yield of lucerne / chicory, seed yield of fenugreek and root yield of carrot were obtained when they were sown as sole crop. Similar trend was also observed in stalk / dry fodder / straw / green fodder yield of castor and intercrops. Oil content in castor / crude protein and crude fiber content in lucerne and chicory / total soluble salts in carrot were found higher in their sole crop treatments as compared to when they were grown as intercrop. Oil yield was found significantly higher in sole castor than other treatments but it was statistically at par with castor + lucerne and castor + fenugreek at 1:2 ratio. Nutrient status of soil viz: organic carbon, available N, P, K and S after harvest of crops did not differ significantly due to different treatments.
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