Vol. 15 No. 1
Performance of zero till seed drill in raising blackgram under rice fallow
Abstract: Blackgram is one of the predominant pulse crops cultivated in Tiruchirapalli district, Tamil Nadu, India. Maintaining plant population is vital for obtaining high yield. Hence, performance of zero till seed drill for growing blackgram in rice fallow was demonstrated in Tiruchirapalli district. The average plant population of 38.9 m-2 with an average yield of 423.3 kg ha-1 was recorded for conventional method of sowing. It was recorded that there was 38.96 % yield increase in the demonstration plots when compared with the conventional broadcasting method. There was no effect of stubble on the performance of zero-till seeddrill. The zero tillage sowing was found to be efficient as compared to the conventional method of sowing. The average B:C ratio obtained was 5.2, 3.9 for zero till seed drill and conventional broadcasting method, respectively.
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