Vol. 15 No. 3
Evaluation of the efficacy of pre and post emergence herbicides to manage grassy and broad leaf weeds on mungbean (Vignaradiata L.) in Western Tigray
Mungbean (Vignaradiata) is a pulse crop, which is protein rich grown in the low lands. The objective to evaluate PRE and POST emergence herbicides on controlling grassy and broad leaf weeds in mungbean. Various types of herbicides (sharoxy, pendimethalin and quizalofop) at different rates (1, 2, 3 and 4 l/ha) including hand weeding and weedy check were studied for weed control and yield of mungbeanin the testing sites of Humera Agricultural Research Center in two locations during the year of 2018 autumn season under irrigation condition. Commelina Foecunda (Maimaio ), Corchorusfascicularis L. (Hamiray), Sorghum halepense (Adar), were some of the major weeds recorded. All rates of sharoxy scored no weeds in Niguara and little weeds in Kebabo. Pendimethalin @ 2, 3, 4 l/ha has scored less weeds in Kebabo. Only quizalofop @ 1 l/ha and the weedy check had scored higher fresh weed biomass in Niguara, while the others were significantly similar with the hand weeding. Lower weed density and fresh weed biomass has scored from all sharoxy application rates, pendimethalin @ 2 l/ha and the hand weeded treatment. Higher grain yield has recorded from the application of pendimethalin @ 2 l/ha followed by the hand weeding. Quizalofop @ 2 l/ha and sharoxy @ 1 and 2 l/ha were statically similar with pendimethalin @ 2 l/ha, which produced better economic yield, low crop injuries and good weed control efficiencies. Therefore, sharoxy @ 1.5 l/ha, pendimethalin @ 2 l/ha and quizalofop @ 2 l/ha could be best weed control options in Mungbean production in western Tigray.
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