Vol. 16 No. 1
Utilization of soft type wild jackfruit as fruit leather : a step towards economic security of the tribal women in Odisha
Abstract: The present study was carried out in the Laboratory of OUAT (Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology) and Central Horticulture Experiment Station (ICAR-IIHR), Bhubaneswar during the year 2017-2018.The protocol of leather from soft type Jackfruit was standardized and the chemical analysis was done from the collected samples from different districts and results suggested that Khurda district sample have highest TSS value (15.4┬░Brix) and Gajapati district sample has highest acidity (1.6%). Ascorbic acid content was highest in Ganjam (15.38 mg) and Gajapati district (15.36 mg). The pH value and moisture content was highest value (pH 5.7) in Khurda and Kandhamal (40%), respectively. Mould count was highest for Kandhamala sample 2.51x105cfu and minimum in Khurda sample 0.36x105 cfu. Organoleptic characters like colour, appearance, flavour, texture, taste and overall acceptability depicts that the sample1 (sun-dried) gives more excellent result than others, followed by sample38 (sun-dried + microwave) and sample44 (microwave). Among the packaging options, it was observed that the butter paper and aluminium foil unwrapping was quicker than cling film and butter paper packing. Both butter paper and aluminium packaging were appealing to the respondents as compared to cling film packed and open samples. The present study successfully established the viability of preparation of leather from soft type jackfruit, which is abundantly available in Odisha, paving way for creating another avenue for income generation in tribal regions of the State.
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