Vol. 16 No. 1
Effect of GA3 on marigold seed production in Gangetic Alluvial Zone
Abstract: Marigold (Tagetes sp.) is native to the New World and blessed flowers of the Aztecs, journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean twice to travel 3,000 miles north of their centre of origin. It is one of the commercially exploited flower crops of both tropics and subtropics. The field trial was conducted in new alluvial zone at Horticulture Research station, Mondouri, B.C.K.V., Mohanpur, Nadia, West Bengal during Rabi season of 2017-18 to 2018-19. The field experiment was carried out to assess the potential of growth, flowering and seed production of twelve marigold genotypes through the influence of GA3 as foliar application was made over two consecutive years. Field performance of twelve genotypes of marigold was observed for different parameters like plant height (cm), branches plant-1, days to first 50% flowering, number of flowers plant-1, flower diameter(cm), number of seeds flower-1, test weight (g) and seed yield plant-1(g). As largest size of flowers and highest seed yield plant-1 only were recorded after PusaNarangi (V9), it could be considered as the best performer genotype considering its higher number of flowers plant-1 and number of seeds flower-1.Concomitant consideration of seed yield and its important attributes may indicate to recommend foliar application of 100 ppm GA3 for enhancement in seed yield in all the genotypes, especially for Pusa Narangi (V9), Yellow Single (V10), Bidhan Basanti (V2) and Bidhan Marigold-1 (V1).
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