Vol. 16 No. 1
Simultaneous detection of Mi1.2 and Ph3 resistance alleles for root knot and late blight diseases in tomato through duplex polymerase chain reaction
Abstract: Molecular markers have become an indispensible tool for tomato disease resistance breeding programme. For the tomato root knot and late blight diseases, molecular markers for identification of the resistance alleles of theMi1.2 gene and the Ph3 gene has been reported in recent past. In this study, we report the duplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) strategy, where both the markers for Mi1.2 and Ph3 resistance loci are used in a single reaction for simultaneous detection of the allelic status of the aforementioned genes present in a tomato genotype. We have authenticated the strategy using 12 tomato genotypes through separate and duplex PCR and have obtained identical results. Thus, the duplex PCR strategy will be very much useful to breeders as the strategy will reduce the amount of labour, time and reagents required for detection of these two important resistance alleles in diverse tomato genotypes.
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