Vol. 16 No. 1
Exploring allelic status of selected disease resistance genes in a set of tomato genotypes using gene-linked molecular markers
Abstract: The production of the world-wide important vegetable crop tomato is threatened by different diseases and pests. Naturally, breeding approaches targeting the development of disease and pest resistant tomato genotypes is of pivotal importance. With the availability of molecular markers, efficient selection of resistant genotypes in environment-independent manner has become feasible. In this study, we report the identification of resistance alleles for 4 important tomato diseases (i.e., tomato leaf curl, tomato root knot, tomato late blight and tomato mosaic) in 20 tomato genotypes using molecular markers. The Ty3 resistance allele (for leaf curl disease) was found in 5 genotypes, the Mi1.2 resistance allele (for root knot disease) was found in 2 genotypes and the Ph3 resistance allele (for late blight disease) was found in 9 genotypes. The tetra-primer amplicon refractory mutation system (tetra-primer ARMS) assay for the Tm2 resistance gene (for tomato mosaic disease) revealed the resistance allele in 1 genotype.
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