Vol. 16 No. 2
Estimation of physical and cooking grain quality traits in two line hybrids of rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Abstract: In this study, a total of 40 hybrids developed from five female (TGMS) lines and eight testers raised in L x T fashion and examined for fourteen quality traits. The hybrid TNAU 95S X AC38479 recorded highest hulling, milling and head rice recovery. Out of 40 hybrids, sixteen were categorized as medium slender while TNAU 60S X Palawan and TNAU 18S X Palawan were categorized under the long slender type. Linear elongation ratio was significantly higher in five hybrids and seven hybrids expressed intermediate gelatinization temperature. Twenty-six hybrids expressed soft gel consistency and twenty-two hybrids had intermediate amylose content. This study revealed that considering both physical and cooking quality traits, the two-line hybrids namely TNAU 45S X AC38479, TNAU 45S X CB 15121, TNAU 45S X Khao do ngoi and TNAU 45S X CB 15117 had acceptable grain quality traits and these hybrids could be promoted commercially.
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