Vol. 16 No. 2
Qualitative and quantitative characterization of off-season mango cultivars in some districts of West Bengal
Abstract: The research work was carried out during 2015-2017 with the objective to characterize ‘off season’ mango cultivars of West Bengal based on 26 morphological characters which will help in tree improvement programme. Characterization of cultivars depending on morphological traits is the quickest and easily adoptable method for identification of cultivars at the field level which is necessary for tree improvement programme. Floral biology and leaf characteristics of different off-season mango cultivars are the key stone for determining the performance and yield of a particular variety. In case of mango hermaphrodite flower directly increase fruit set percentage. Leaf fragrance of mango is found to be directly correlated with fruit flavor. Flowering is the most important physiological phenomenon that influences the production and productivity of a mango cultivar. In West Bengal, the peak flowering period for off season mango is 2-3 weeks that resides in the month of April to June. Based on the present studies, it is concluded that Devdas is exhibiting highest flower duration (30 days) among all the other cultivars and Chine has the highest hermaphrodite flower (56.87%) followed by Sada Vastara (51.83%). The leaves of Dutta Dofala has highly strong fragrant followed by Kalo Vastara which has strong fragrance. Depending on the similarity matrix table based on 26 morphological characters, Chine Dofala is showing a significant 36% dissimilarity with Dutta Dofala. So, Chine Dofala and Dutta Dofala can be used as parents in mango hybridization proramme to have a variety with greater yield along with fruit aroma.
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