Vol. 16 No. 2
Genotypic response to callus induction and plant regeneration in sugarcane
Abstract: Genetic improvement of sugarcane using conventional breeding suffers setbacks due to its large and complex genome, photosensitivity, low seed setting, longer crop duration and complex environmental influence. However, in vitro culture system can play a greater role to improve yield, quality and make the crop climatically smart using genetic transformation. Significant differences were observed between genotypes for embryogenic and organogenic callus induction response and plant regeneration capacity. In the present study, somatic embryogenic callusing response (using MS + 2mg l-1 2,4-D) and growth of calli with minimum necrosis was significantly higher in cv.”Sabita”. Besides, the variety showed maximum regeneration potential (87.8%) with more number of shootlets callus-1 on MS + 2mg l-1 BAP + 0.05mg l-1 TDZ. MS medium supplemented with 3.0mg l-1 of NAA revealed satisfactory rhizogenetic response (88.0%) with formation of normal roots within 14 days. The in vitro derived plantlets were acclimatized and transferred to the field successfully.
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