Vol. 16 No. 2
Impact of nursery establishment on farmers’ prosperity in peri-urban areas
Abstract: The present study was conducted in Hisar district of Haryana state. Data was collected from86 farmers’ selected randomly from seven villages namely, Kaimari, Mangali, Daya, Harita, Choudhariwas, Bhiwani Rohila and Rawalwas Kalan for the study.98.83% of respondents were aware about what is seedling followed by nursery site should be near to water source (93.02%), nursery site should be located in the nutrient rich soil (90.69%), seedlings should be collected from authentic source (89.53%) and about the different age of seedling for transplanting (83.72%). 100% of respondents were aware about seedlings are needed of good quality stock followed by nursery location must be easily access nearby for easy transportation (95.34%), seedlings are needed as per consumer preference (91.86%) and seedlings are needed free from insect-pest/diseases/treated seedlings (89.53%). 93.02% respondents had greater perception that seedlings enhance yields of fruit/vegetables and other crops followed byavailability of nutritive produce for family and consumers (90.69%), good quality produce andlosses of expensive seed are minimized and seedlings stock have better root systems and grow quickly (88.37%), saving of cultivable area (87.20%).
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