Vol. 17 No. 3
Influence of sowing dates on yield of black gram varieties under rainfed condition
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted during rabi season from 2013 to2016, at Agricultural Research station, Kovilpatti to identify the best time of sowing and suitable blackgram varieties for rainfed black soil. The experiment was laid out in split-plot design and replicated thrice. The treatments were pre-monsoon (39th standard week), monsoon (41st standard week) and post- monsoon sowing (43rd standard weeks) respectively in main plot with four varieties viz., Vamban (Bg) 6 and Vamban (Bg) 7, NUL 7 and CO 5 in the sub plot. The results revealed that sowing during 39th (pre- monsoon) and 41st standard week (monsoon) registered increased growth and yield parameters viz., plant height (24.2and 22.3 cm), dry matter production (2111 and 2106 kg ha-1), leaf area index (3.73 and 3.73), number of pods plant-1 (18.3 and 17.9), number of seeds pod-1 (5.1 and 5.0), and 100- seed weight (4.6 and 4.5 g) and increased grain yield (616 and 601 kg ha-1), respectively. Similarly, among the varieties, CO 5 registered higher growth and yield attributes which reflected on increased grain yield (608 kg ha-1).
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