Vol. 17 No. 3
Nodal plant materials of Valeriana jatamansi, a higher altitude-specific medicinal plant typically retained the previous lower altitude exposure and modulated above-ground probes
Abstract: Valeriana jatamansi, a critically endangered high-altitude (HA) specific medicinal plant was chosen to evaluate the lower altitude (LA) exposure for one, two and three seasons on above ground characters. The result revealed that one season LA exposure did not modulate above-ground probes understudy in comparison to control, the HA-grown plant. But LA exposure for two seasons significantly modulated ‘the largest leaf length’, ‘the largest leaf breadth’, ‘the largest petiole diameter’, ‘total number of branches’, and ‘total number of nodes’ in comparison to that of the control. Marginal one season’s LA exposure difference between two and one as well as three and two seasons LA exposed plants showed a significant difference on ‘the largest leaf breadth’, ‘the largest petiole diameter’, and ‘the total number of nodes’ in comparison to control. The summary of the finding indicated that the previous LA exposure was retained into vegetative nodes and inherited into the next generation.
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