Vol. 17 No. 3
Performance of sweet potato germplasm under coconut based cropping system
Abstract: An experiment was conducted in coconut plantation of AICRP on palms, HRS, Mondouri, BCKV, during rabi season of 2018- 2020 for evaluation of sweet potato under coconut. Seven sweet potato germplasms viz. S1010, BCSP-14, BCSP-10, TSP-12-14, 90/101, ST-14 and Kishan were laid out in RBD with three replications. Five plants tagged randomly for recording the data like length of vine (cm),number of leaves plant-1, number of new twigs plant-1, number of branches plant-1, fresh and dry weight of plant (g), fresh and dry weight of tubers (g plant-1), number of tubers plant-1, yield kg plot-1, projected yield t ha-1 and cost benefit ratio. At 150 DAP maximum vine length of 357.04 cm was recorded in BCSP-10 and maximum number of branches was found in BCSP-14 (12.58). S1010 recorded maximum tuber weight of 199.02g. Kishan recorded mean maximum tuber dry weight of 18.64g per 50g sample. The tuber yield (9.48 kg plot-1), projected tuber yield (6.49 t ha-1) and maximum B: C ratio of 1.70 with a net economic return of Rs.195647 ha-1 was recorded in S1010.
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