Vol. 17 No. 3
Characterization of cashew: A review with reference to morphological, biochemical and molecular descriptors
Author(s): S. DAS, M. PODUVAL AND MD. N. ALI
Abstract: Anacardium occidentale L. belonging to the family Anacardiaceae, order Sapindales, is a fruit-cum-nut crop of world importance. In this article, we have reviewed scientific characterization using several DNA markers in addition to morphological and biochemical markers which are being utilized for molecular characterization of cashew, an economically important fruit. Cashew being a socio-economic tree nut and its increasing market demand across the globe inculcate breeders to adopt new methodologies using molecular tools to select superior cultivars which will not only be exclusively beneficial for higher cashew production with respect to its quality but also it will reduce nut wastage due to biotic and abiotic limitations, ultimately to meet increasing demands globally. To overcome limitations in the morphological variations being affected by environment, molecular techniques are adopted since recent past in characterization of cashew genotypes.
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