Vol. 18 No. 1
Effect of different packaging materials on the shelf life of dried red pepper (Capsicum annuum. L.) stored in ambient conditions
Author(s): A. Anjaneyulu and A. B Sharangi
Abstract: The investigation on shelf life of dried red pepper was conducted in ambient conditions with different packaging materials like aluminum-, LDPE- and HDPE films and paper-, gunny- and polythene lined gunny bags. A significant difference at 30- and 60-days after storage (DAS) was observed. Minimum moisture (10.67%), color values L* a* b* (28.32, 36.34, 21.67), ascorbic acid (46.62 mg 100 g-1), oleoresin (9.19%) with no microbial and pathogenic infestation were observed from the aluminum film at 30 DAS. At 60 DAS, the trend showed as moisture (11.23%), microbial and pathogenic infestation (0.13), colour value L*, a*, b* (25.19, 31.85, 18.85), ascorbic acid (45.05 mg100 g-1) and oleoresin (8.79%) with aluminum film. However, a relatively higher moisture, microbial and pathogen infestation, lower color values, ascorbic acid and oleoresin were observed in gunny bags followed by polyethylene lined ones. So the aluminum film may be advocated as suitable packaging materials.
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