Vol. 18 No. 3
Estimation of cost of cultivation, profitability in different farm sizes as well as growth and instability of mustard in West Bengal
Author(s): A. ROY, *S. SARKAR AND B. BERA
The main objectives of this study are to estimate the cost of cultivation, profitability rate and net return for various groups of farmer-producers in Burdwan district of West Bengal in 2019-20 based on the primary data collected from the farmers.B-C ratio and Compound growth rate (CGR) techniques were applied to calculate the profitability, instability and growth of yield parameter of the crop. Area, production and productivity have a positive rate of growth, but production level shows some variabilities.The yield of this crop varies from small to large farmers, and the cost of cultivation has also exhibited increasing tendencies. Large size groups have a larger net income (Rs. ha-1) than medium to small size groups.The improved and updated package and practices attempted to improve output and income in a timely manner. However, it is recommended that all agronomic operations i.e. weeding, application of irrigation and pesticide application for this crop be completed on time, because time is a very important factor that plays a significant role in yield and quality.Any operations in the field of agriculture that are completed before or after time will result in lower yield and quality.
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