Vol. 2 No. 1
Influence of manure, sludge and PSM on effectiveness of Bradyrhizobium strains towards growth, yield and nutrient acquisition of mungbean.
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted at Agricultural Research Fann, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, B.H.U. in Kharif 1999 with the objective to delineate effectiveness of Bradyrhizobium strains (MOs and BM,) alone and along with Pseudomonas striata/cattle dung manure/digested sludge on growth, nodulation, yields and nutrients acquisition of mungbean. Required quantity of cattle dqng manure and digested sludge for 10 kg N ha·• was applied as per the treatments before sowing the seeds. It was found that ODW of nodules, plant and roots, yields and uptake of N, P & K by mungbean was improved more by strain MOj than BM1• With Bradyrhizobium MOs, Pseudomonas striata gave 6% more grain yield than withBradyrhizobium BM,. Organic manures, supplimented withBradyrhizobium strains increased growth, nodulation, yield and acquisition of nutrients over their respective strains. Effectiveness of Bradyrhizobium Strains was enhanced more by cattle dung manure than digested sludge. Nodule N was highly correlated with N acquisition by grain. Digested sludge caused greater test weight but lesser grain yield than cattle dung manure applied with Bradyrhizobiwn strains. Seed inoculation of Bradyrhizobium MOs along with cattle dung manure was the best treatment combination to achieve good yield of mungbean.
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