Aims and Objectives

Journal of Crop and Weed is the official peer reviewed publication of the Crop and Weed Science Society since 2005. The editorial board of the Journal of Crop and Weed consists of Chief Editor, Executive Editor, Associate Editors and Editorial Board Members besides International Advisory Board. The Journal is available both as Print (ISSN 0974 6315) and Online (ISSN 2349 9400) version. The journal is abstracted in CABI and AGRICOLA. The journal has been awarded a score 5.46 by NAAS in 2023 and is also ranked by Index Copernicus International (ICV 2019: 74.54). The journal has been evaluated by Infobase Index with impact factor of 2.93 at 5.0 scale. The Global Impact Factor of the Journal is 0.632, Cosmos Impact Factor is 5.963 and International Scientific Index is 1.437. The Journal has been accepted at Open Academic Journal Index (CGIJ OAJI: 0.201) and added to the data base of the Electronic Journals Library. The CODEN code of the journal is JCWOAT. The Journal has also been forwarded to Thomson Reuters for Indexing. The journal is published triannually (April, August and December of every calendar year). Special issues are also published. The Journal presents a concrete repository accessible by the international community that work on or having interest in sustainable development in agricultural and allied sector.


The Journal of Crop and Weed aims at a pivotal point through which researchers / investigators and other stakeholders become interested in publishing their valuable research findings on the subject area of crop improvement, crop production, plant protection, agricultural marketing, natural resource utilization, and sustainable management of natural resources for the benefit of human beings as well as their maintenance of life on this planet.

Articles in the journal are of interest to researchers, policy makers, educators, and practitioners. This journal aims to provide a bird's eye view of the latest research and advances in the field of agriculture and allied sectors. This journal seeks to provide the latest research and the best practices in the respective field. This journal provides theoretical and pragmatic viewpoints on rural development and also provide guidance to the user to inform their practices. The journal incorporate various advanced integrated research systems and applications.

The journal publishes original research works in the form of full research article, review article and short communication relating to the study on agri-horticultural crops, soil and weed, microbiology, forestry, animal husbandry, dairy, fishery, environment, biotechnology, tissue-culture, nanotechnology, biodiversity of plants, animals and microbes, sericulture, apiculture, lac culture, socio-economic analysis, extension methodology, statistics, ICT, ITKs, remote sensing and GIS, and other agricultural and allied fields. Review articles are received by invitation only.

The Editorial Board of the “Journal of Crop and Weed'' invites recently published books for review. The books will be reviewed by the eminent teachers/scientists of the respective discipline. Authors and Publishers are requested to send the book for review to the Chief Editor, Journal of Crop and Weed, B2/442, Kalyani-741235, Nadia, West Bengal, India or e-mail at


  • The Journal of Crop and Weed is published triannually during April, August and December of every calendar year.
  • Double blind peer reviewed research articles are only published in this triannual journal.
  • Every article submitted for consideration in the journal undergoes rigorous check for plagiarism.
  • Standard publication ethics available at, are strictly followed.
  • The Journal is available both in Online (ISSN 2349 9400) and Print (ISSN 0974 6315) version.
  • Online version of the Journal is available at
  • The Journal is abstracted at CABI, England.
  • It is regularly sent to AGRICOLA for abstracting/indexing
  • The Journal has been evaluated by NAAS and assigned 5.27 score as on 1st Jan 2024
  • It is ranked by the Index Copernicus International (ICI Value 74.54).
  • The Journal has been evaluated by the International Scientific Indexing and given 1.437 impact value.
  • The Journal has received the CODEN code: JCWOAT.
  • The Journal has been included in the data base of the Electronic Journals Library.
  • It has been accepted in Open Academic Journal Index (CGIJ OAJI: 0.201).
  • The Global Impact Factor of the Journal is 0.632.
  • The Cosmos Impact Factor of the Journal is 5.963.