Vol. 11 No. 1
Genotypic and phenotypic variability and correlation studies in gladiolus
Abstract: The genetic variability and characters association of different quality parameters were studied in 29 gladiolus genotypes grown in a two year field experiments. High and moderate to high GCV and PCV were recorded for almost all the characters under study emphasizing the existence of variation in the population. High estimates of heritability coupled with high and moderate to high genetic gain (expressed as per cent of mean) for corm weight, spike weight, number of corms plant-1, number of spikes bulb-1, and number of spikesm-2 indicate the predominance of additive gene action for the expression of these characters, and therefore, these are more reliable for effective selection. The results of PCV, GCV, heritability and genetic advance reveal that selection for corm weight, spike weight, number of corms per plant, number of spikesbulb-1 and number of spikes m-2 would be effective for improvement of spike yield and corm yield whereas selection for rachis length and floret diameter would be effective for improving flowering attributes. Correlation at genotypic and phenotypic levels showed similar trend but genotypic correlation was of higher magnitude than phenotypic correlation in most of the cases indicating the association between the characters is mainly due to the genotype. The results of correlation coefficient reveal that for yield improvement through selection, much emphasis should be given on the characters like spike yield, corm yield, plant height, spike length, days to spike initiation and days to floret initiation.
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