Vol. 11 No. 1
Effect of girdling and defoliation on physical properties of litchi fruit
Author(s): N. S. KHALKHO, P. HORO AND K. K. JHA
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted during 2011-12 to delineate the role of current and stored assimilates on fruit growth of litchi. The experiment included of twelve treatments. The level of days was 3 viz. 30 days after fruit set(DAFS), 40 DAFS and 50 DAFS, level of girdling were 2 viz. girdling and no girdling and the level of leaf removal were 2 viz. leaf removal and no leaf removal. The results revealed that with regard to physical fruit properties, the maximum fruit weight (25.03g), bunch weight (351.02g) was observed in the treatment of girdling with no leaf removal of 40 DAFS. The seed-pulp ratio found least (0.14) at the stage of girdling with no leaf removal at 40 DAFS. The size of the fruit was also good (3.18cm) with treatment of girdling and no leaf removal of Litchi plant. The maximum juice percentage of about 71.04% was found in the treatment of girdling. There is positive effect of girdling in fruit drop. The minimum fruit drop was recorded in the treatment girdling with no leaf removal condition.
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