Vol. 13 No. 3
Transformation of soil potassium affected by integrated nutrition of rice in an Inceptisol
Author(s): S. Sasmal, S. K. Pal, D. Mahata and M. Ghosh
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted during 2012 and 2013 to study the effect of integrated nutrition on transformation of soil potassium in rice-rice cropping system. The experiment was conducted with aromatic rice (cv. Gobindabhog) in split plot design with five organic matter levels in main plot and three inorganic fertilizer levels in subplots. Irrespective of treatment combinations a steady decline in the amount of both available and non-exchangeable K in soil with crop growth indicated that the doses of potassic fertilizer were suboptimal. Maximum straw yield was recorded with the application of mustard cake @1t ha-1 and inorganic fertilizer @ N40P20K20. The highest grain (2.70 and 3.32 t ha-1) and straw yield (4.96 and 3.97 t ha-1 during 2012 and 5.68 and 3.98 t ha-1during 2013) were recorded with the application of mustard cake @ 1t ha-1 along with inorganic fertilizer @ N40P20K20. Maximum K uptake by aromatic rice was also observed with the application of mustard cake @1t ha-1 plus inorganic fertilizer @ N40P20K20 (O5IN3), while the lowest with O1IN1, where only inorganic fertilizer was applied @ N20 P10 K10.
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