Vol. 13 No. 3
Intercropping system in grain amaranth for higher productivity and profitability
Author(s): J. S. Arun Kumar and N. Murthy
Abstract: Different inter crops were studied keeping grain amaranth as main crop to harness the nutritional benefit of grain amaranth as well as better intercropping system to achieve higher productivity and profitability. Grain amaranth when grown as sole crop, the B:C ratio was higher (3.15) as compared to all other treatments involving sole crops or intercrops. Considering the market nature for grain amaranth, it may not be ideal to grow grain amaranth as a sole crop alone. Hence the main objective was to introduce and popularize grain amaranth cultivation through other crops as intercrop. Among the intercrop treatments, growing of grain amaranth + pigeonpea (2:1) recorded higher B:C ratio of 2.75 with LER of 1.17, which was followed by grain amaranth + finger millet (2:8) with B:C ratio of 2.60 with LER of 1.19 and grain amaranth + groundnut B:C ratio (2.44) with LER of 1.22.
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