Vol. 13 No. 3
Phenology, photo-thermal units requirement and productivity of wheat varieties as influenced by sowing dates under irrigated conditions in Punjab
Author(s): H. Ram, N. Gupta, G. S. Mavi, R. S. Sarlach and G. Singh
Abstract: Studies were conducted at the research farm of the Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana from 2009-10 to 2012-13. The experiment was conducted in split plot design with two sowing dates, viz. normal (November 5-11) and late (December 10-16) sowing as main plot treatment and wheat varieties (PBW 621, PBW 343, DBW 17, PBW 550 and HD 2967 in 2009-10, PBW 621, PBW 343, DBW 17, PBW 550 and WH 1105 in 2011-12 and PBW 621, DBW 17, PBW 550 and HD 2967 in 2012-13) as sub plot treatments with three replications. Delayed sowing of wheat recorded significantly lower emergence count. Timely sown wheat crop recorded significantly higher GDD (growing degree days), HTU (helio-thermal units), PTU (photo-thermal units), PTI (pheno-thermal index) and grain yield than late sown. The highest agrometeorological indices were recorded in PBW 343, HD 2967 and DBW 17 in different years. Timely sowing recorded 14.1-37.3 per cent higher grain yield than late sown conditions. Similarly, on mean basis of respective years it is concluded that wheat variety WH 1105 performed better than other varieties.
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