Vol. 3 No. 2
Insects associated with Ipomea carnea Jacq. (Convolvulaceae) in Jammu and their potential for its biological control.
Abstract: pomea carnea (Convolvulaceae), though introduced from South America at the beginning of the nineteenth century and grown as fences and also for its beautiful flowers. In a field study in Jammu, India during 2005-06, nearly 20 insects species were collected from this weed, 7 species were regarded as potential insects for its control because of their wide distribution, narrow host range, high population and damage on the plant. These were Tortoise beetles namely Aspidomorpha miliaris, Aspidomorpha indica, Laccoptera quadrimaculata, Colosposoma mettlacium, Cassida circumdata, Cassida varians and Stem borer- Stibara tetraspolita. However, there are several others which could pose great threat to growth and reproduction of I. carnea but their host range is not available and needs further studies and evaluation. The nature of damage by the important species was discussed.
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