Vol. 4 No. 2
Weed control in soybean (Glycine max): yield, economics and residue evaluation with oryzalin.
Abstract: An experiment was conducted during 2006 revealed that among different weed control methods with oryzalin, application of oryzalin @ 3 Kg ha-1 along with HW at 30 DAS or application of oryzalin @ 4.5 Kg ha-1 along with HW at 30 DAS or hand weeding at 15 DAS and 30 DAS produced yield of seeds in soybean, Number of pods / plant and Number of seeds / pod which were statistically at par, but produced significantly better result than rest all other treatments-by reducing the weed population and their dry matter. In case of test weight all the treatments effects are non-significant. Now, maximum profitability (benefit: cost ratio) was obtained in the treatment where oryzalin @3 Kg ha-1 is applied along with hand weeding at 30 DAS. It was observed that with the increasing dose of oryzalin, persistence of oryzalin in soil also increased. In case of residue analysis, the residues of the herbicide were found in soil up to 30 days after spraying. The residues remains below detectable limit in all harvest samples i.e. plant, pods and field soil.
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