Vol. 5 No. 1
Economics of gherkin production: analyses of returns to fixed factors of production and resource use efficiency in southern karnataka.
Abstract: Results of the study showed that total costs of gherkin production was Rs.37360.00 per acre among farmers growing the 2-grade gherkin crop and farmers growing 3-grade gherkin crop incurred a cost of Rs. 36653.11 per acre. The return per rupee of expenditure was higher in two grade gherkin crop (1.37), than in the three grade gherkin crop (1.12). The gherkin production contributed substantially to the fixed factors of production as revealed by the cost concepts and income measures used in the analysis. The quantum of human labour employment generated under 2-grade gherkin crop was 349.12 mandays per acre and it was lower in the 3-grade gherkin crop at 331.15 mandays per acre. In three grade crop gross income was significantly and positively influenced by human labour and number of harvesting days. The ratio of MVP to MFC was greater than unity for FYM, fertilizer splits, nitrogenous fertilizer, number of irrigation, harvesting days and human labour, these resources were under-utilized in the production process, suggesting that there was still scope for increasing the use of these resources to get increased returns in case of gherkin crop. It can be concluded that gherkin production is highly profitable and there is further scope to augment profits by the increased use of resources.
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