Vol. 5 No. 1
Analysing and forecasting trade behaviour of major pesticide trading countries in the world.
Abstract: To supply two meals per day to the ever increasing population of the world with limited resources, protection of crops against pests is an essential components in augmenting food production. Use of pesticides in this direction play is well established. Though hundreds of countries in the world use pesticides for the purpose, production and contribution of only a few countries play vital role in supply of pesticides through out the world. The present study is an attempt to visualize the nature of changes that have taken place in the major countries w.r.t the trade of pesticide i.e. import and export. It is revealed from the study that on an average 10-12 countries contribute more than 75% of the total world pesticide market. If supply of pesticides from these countries to the food growing zones get hampered by any means, the hole world will under food crisis. The study also revealed that there have been a quantum jump in the trade surplus of pesticides of these countries during last two decades and forecasting of export-import behaviour of these countries suggest that this trend will continue. On the basis of best fitted model forecasting values of the major pesticides countries w.r.t their import and export potentials have been suggested.
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