Vol. 5 No. 1
Targetting extension intervention for promotion of sunflower productivity in coastal saline zone of West Bengal.
Abstract: A study was undertaken in South 24 Parganas of West Bengal to find out the problems faced by three groups of sunflower growers of costal saline terrain, namely Resource Rich (RR), Resource Moderate ( RM ) and Resource Poor ( RP ). It was observed that identified problems differed across the groups. Rank correlation coefficient was significant between RM and RP farmers in respect of input related, technology transfer related and marketing related problems and the same was significant between RR and RM farmers with the problems related to nature. In solving the problems, significant association was observed between RM and RP farmers with suggestions related to technology transfer and infrastructural development and policy matter. There was significant association both in between RR -RM and RM - RP farmers with suggestions regarding policy matter which implies for targeting of extension activities for production of sunflower in particular in this weakly integrated and vulnerable are duly considering the resource based of the farmers as potential factor.
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