Vol. 5 No. 1
Effect of bio-fertilizers on growth, yield and quality of onion cv. sukhsaga.
Abstract: A field experiment was carried out during the winter season of two consecutive years 2006-07 and 2007-08 to study the effect of six combinations of bio-fertilizers and two chemical fertilizers on onion cv. Sukhsagar. The treatments were Azotobacter+PSB, Azotobacter+VAM, Azotobacter+Azospirillum, Azospirillum+PSB, Azospirrilum+VAM, PSB+VAM, NPK 100%, NPK 50% and Control. The height of the plant was maximum (43.46cm) with the application of Azotobacter+VAM. No. of leaves, no. of inflorescence / plot and bulb diameter were maximum of Azotobacter+Azospirillum. Azotobacter+Azospirillum and NPK 100% gave maximum length of bulbs(6.03cm). The maximum number of scale per bulb (9.81) was counted from NPK 50%.The plants raised under NPK 100% produced the maximum bulb weight 67.45g. TSS % was found maximum (12.29%) from NPK 100% but the highest reducing sugar (1.420%) and starch percentage (6.27%) were noted from NPK 50%. The total loss of weight (%) upto 60 days, was found minimum (11.5%) from Azotobacter+PSB followed by Azotobacter+Azospirillum (14.32%). It is therefore, concluded that Azotobacter+Azospirillum combination is the bestfor onion as compared to others so far as the sustainability in production and environmental consideration are concerned.
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