Vol. 5 No. 1
Participatory wetland management in Loktak lake: a road to sustainable development.
Abstract: The study was conducted in order to understand the participatory management of the Loktak lake Manipur by different stakeholders. The study tools used were stakeholder analysis, activity analysis and participation analysis. 30 stakeholders were identified, their relationship was analysed and they were prioritized according to their ‘influence on’ and ‘importance to’ the project. The observations of the study were that the capture and culture fishermen need adequate capacity building. NHPC, jhum farmers and athaphum owners were the major threats to the project. Most of the project activities were taken up in association with meira paibies, ngami lups and other CBOs. In most cases, local people in general were just informed about the project activities. Activities were taken up in association with CBOs and LDA who acted as the major decision making body. Participation of stakeholders specially the primary stakeholders in every project activity at different stages justifying its extent and typology should be designed and implemented for project sustainability as well as sustainable development of the natural resource and its users as a whole.
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