Vol. 5 No. 1
Effect of inorganic and biofertilizers on chilli.
Abstract: An experiment was carried out at Horticulture Research Station, Mondouri, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, West Bengal during 2007-2008, to find out the efficacy of biofertilizers (Azospirillum and phosphate solubilizing bacteria) with different levels of inorganics on growth and yield of chilli (Arka Lohit and Arka Suphal). The experiment was laid out in Factorial RBD with two replications. Three levels (25%, 50% and 75%) of both inorganic N and P were included alongwith full dose of K and biofertilizer. There were altogether 12 treatment combinations. The biofertilizers were applied twice @ 15g/3 sq m during 30 and 60 days after transplanting (DAT) but inorganics were applied at 45 and 75 DAT. The results revealed that plants under treatment N75%P75%K100% + biofertilizers and N75%P50%K100% + biofertilizer recorded the maximum growth and yield in Arka Lohit and Arka Suphal respectively, indicating there is a chance of saving 25% both inorganic N and P in Arka Lohit and 25% N and 50% P in Arka Suphal through biofertilizer.
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