Vol. 5 No. 2
Studies on bio-organic inputs for production of organic turmeric grown as intercrop in arecanut plantation.
Author(s): S. S. ROY AND J. K. HORE
Abstract: An experiment was conducted to find out the suitable bio-organic inputs for production of organic turmeric cv. Suguna grown as intercrop in six years old arecanut cv. Mohitnagar plantation. Four organic manures viz., compost, vermicompost, phosphocompost and mustard cake and two biofertilizers (Azospirillum and Arbuscular mycorrhiza) were applied singly or in combination. There are altogether 13 treatments including recommended NPK (inorganic). The seed rhizomes were treated with Trichoderma viridae and no chemical pesticide was used. The arecanut palms were also manured with compost (25 kg/palm/year) and neem cake (3 kg/palm/year). Plants grown under bio-organic inputs exhibited maximum values in most of the growth and yield parameters as compared to inorganic inputs. The highest projected yield 28.94 t/ha was recorded with vermicompost + Azospirillum + Arbuscular mycorrhiza, followed by compost + Azospirillum + Arbuscular mycorrhiza (26.93 t/ha) as compared to 24.11 t/ha under inorganic management.
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