Vol. 5 No. 2
System of intensification: the alternate approach for increasing production of field crops.
Abstract: The System of Rice Intensification (SRI), is a methodology for increasing the productivity of irrigated rice cultivation by changing the management of plants, soil, water and nutrients. At BCKV initiatives have been taken from 2006 to find out the sustainability of this technology at on station (Summer 2006 and 2007) and thereafter since 2008 at on farm through SRI. From 2008 attempts have also been taken to motivate some farmers (32) of 5 local villages of Chakdah block of Nadia for adopting this alternative technology with the help of the NGO Chandamari Sannidya Rural Welfare Society, Nadia. As a demonstration trial on paddy and follow up green gram crop this system was implemented at the farmer during 2008 summer (pre- kharif). The results of the field experiment on System of Intensification were impressive in regards to using lower seed rate, adopting seed treatment, soil health improvement due to use of lesser inorganic fertilizers, minimum use of water and more ITKs (Indigenous Technology Knowledge) for pest management instead of chemical pesticides. The rice grain yield was increased by 25 % N as inorganic N + 75 % N from organic sources by 27. 63 % at on station during 2006 and 2007 (pooled data) and 31.97 % at on farm during 2008 over the traditional NPK through inorganic sources. As a result during 2009 more than 30 % farmers of this village Chandamari and some more farmers of the surrounding villages have already adopted this technology in different field crops including vegetables. The leaflet about this system in local language was also distributed among the farmers of these villages. Training programmes have already conducted through farmers participatory method with small group of farmers and it has also planned to organize an awareness camp with the farmers of these villages during end of 2009 so that to adopt the System of Intensification technology the motivation programme could be started from Summer 2010 in these 5 villages.
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