Vol. 7 No. 1
Studies on genetic divergence in chilli (Capsicum spp.) under sub Himalayan tracts of West Bengal.
Author(s): S. DATTA AND J.C. JANA
Abstract: To study the genetic divergence of chilli. 65 genotypes irere evaluated in Randomized Block Design with three replications in two consecutive winter seasons of the \' year 2005-06 and 2006-07 at the experimental.field of U11ar Banga Krishi viswavidyalaya UBKV. Cooch Behar. West Bengal. Results indicated that in the first year 65 genol)pes grouped into 12 clusters but I I clusters in the second year on the basis of D\' value\'. Pooled results indicated that 65 genotypes were grouped into the I I clusters. Cluster I and Ill comprised 45 and genotypes. respectively. Rest qf clusters consisted of one genotype in each case. The clustering patteren revealed that there H\'as association of species and geographical distributton for the formation of cluster in genetic divergence. The characters namely.primary brancl1es per plant, days toj701rering. ascorbic acid content in fruit and extractableji· uit colour were contributing mcuimum divergence and supposed to play important role in the impro1·emen1 of chilli. On the basis of cluster mean. intra and inter cluster distance and per se cluster 1· (CA-29; and X (CA-60). cluster V111 (CA-55) and X (CA-60;. cluster VJ/f (CA-55) and Xi (CA-58; cluster V111 (CA-55) and IX (CA-59) may be used for their desirable characteristics in breeding programme of chilli improvement for the sub himalyan terai tracts of West Bengal.
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