Vol. 7 No. 2
Studies on the combining ability and heterosis in okra [Abelmoschus esculentus (Moench) L.] for bast fibre yield
Abstract: Combining ability analysis was carried out in a 5×5 diallel set of okra for bast fibre and vegetable yield along with their component characters. The parents, Selection 71-14 and KS-3/2 were found to be the best general combiners. Two crosses - KS-3/2 × PBN-57 and PBN-57 × Selection 71-14 were good specific combiners. Considering fibre yield alo the crosses BO-1 × PBN-57, and Pusa Selection-7 × Selection 71-14 showed better performance. The analysis of genetic components revealed that fibre yield and dry wood yield were controlled by additive gene effects, plant height is controlled by both additive and dominant effects and the other characters viz., basal circumference, branches/plant, days to first flower including vegetable yield by dominant gene effects. Fibre yield showed high habitability in both senses and genetic advance, but vegetable yield showed low heritabitity in both the senses and genetic advance. The estimates of heterosis effects for ten hybrids showed the cross of BO-1 × KS-3/2 as the best combination with early fruiting character followed by the crosses of BO-1x Selection 71-14, and PBN-57 × Pusa Selection 7..
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