Vol. 7 No. 2
Biochemical analysis of Panchagavya and Sanjibani and their effect in crop yield and soil health
Author(s): M. N. ALI, S. GHATAK AND T. RAGUL
Abstract: The present research work was conducted in RBD. The experiment was designed with three treatments and three replications, with the view to studying the effect of Panchagavya and Sanjibani, liquid organic manure on the yield of green gram, Vigna radiata, chilli, Capsicum frutescens (Chili) and mustard, Brassica campestris. Their efficacy were compared by studying the yield contributing characters like plant height, primary branch, secondary branch plant-1, number of seed fruit-1, fruit length, weight of 100 seed, yield plant-1, yield m-2 and experimental observation recorded that the Sanjibani and Panchagavya treated crops were higher than the control. A liquid manure specifically Sanjibani used in this study was pre-analysed to study the variation in microbial population between two Sanjibani sample prepared by using raw materials (Cow dung and Cow urine) obtained from two different source of cow breed (i.e., Native breed and Jersey breed) and the best source of breed was selected for the further research work. Meanwhile the effect of organic farming practice in soil-health was also studied by analysing the basic parameters of soil in the field were the research was conducted. The result shows increased microbial population, oxidisable organic carbon, nitrogen, phosphate, potash. The pH and E.C were found to be close to neutral..
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