Vol. 7 No. 2
Genetic divergence in exotic rice genotypes
Author(s): A. SHARMA AND G. K. KOUTU
Abstract: One hundred and twenty five exotic rice genotypes were assessed for the nature and magnitude of genetic divergence based on 17 quantitative traits following Mahalanobis\'s D2 Statistics. Their grouping was done into different clusters following Tocher\'s method as described by Rao (13). The grouping showed 4 multi-genotypic and 9 mono-genotypic clusters. Cluster TV showed maximum intra-cluster D2 value of (D2-291.384) followed by Cluster XII, II and I while the inter-cluster value was maximum between Cluster VII and XI (D2=3858.894). Cluster I was the largest consisting of ninety-two genotypes. The characters biological yield per plant contributed maximum towards genetic divergence followed by 1000 grain weight, plant height, panicle index, number of filled grains per panicle and days to 50% flowering. The clustering pattern revealed that the genotypes from different sources clustered together indicating that there was no association between eco-geographical distribution of genotypes and genetic divergence..
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