Vol. 7 No. 2
Productivity and profitability of coconut based cropping systems with fruits and black pepper in West Bengal
Abstract: Six coconut based cropping models i.e Model I: Coconut + Black pepper + guava, Model II: Coconut + Black pepper + lime, Model III: Coconut + Black pepper + lemon, Model IV: Coconut + Black pepper + Pineapple, Model V: Coconut + Black pepper + Banana and Model VI: Coconut + Black pepper were evaluated at HRS, Mondouri, BCKV, West Bengal during the year 2003 to 2008 in a 26 years old coconut plantation. Economic assessment of models revealed that out of 6 models, Model-V (consists of coconut, black pepper, pineapple) was more remunerative showing highest net return of Rs. 45600/- per/ha followed by Model-IV (Rs. 36050/-) per/ha. It was also observed that multiple cropping in coconut plantation under recommended package of practice of both main crop and intercrop, had no adverse effect on production of coconut. Fruit based cropping system with coconut, comprising of coconut, black pepper, pineapple was found best under West Bengal condition..
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