Vol. 7 No. 2
Interaction of myo-inositol, seed phosphorus, oil and yield in groundnut genotypes
Author(s): P. C. GUPTA, R. V. KOTI, M. B. CHETTI AND M. K. MEENA
Abstract: The effects of the foliar application of myo-inositol (100 ppm) at 65 days after sowing (pod and seed development stages) on the yields of groundnut genotypes (TAG 24, JL 24, R-2001-3, K-07, GPBD 4, GPBD 5, K-134, TKG-19A, Girmar 1 and GPBD 6) were studied in Dharwad, Karnataka, India, during the kharif of 2008. Myo-inositol application markedly increased pod yield, and seed P and oil contents after harvesting. P mobilization was most pronounced (25.5%) in TKG-19A; this genotype also registered the greatest increase in oil content (10%). Girmar 1 had the highest pod yield (5 576 kg/ha), followed by K-07 (5 527 kg/ha)..
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