Vol. 8 No. 1
Effect of cellulolytic bio-inoculants and their co-inoculation with earthworm on the conversion of plant biomass
Author(s): K. MAHANTA, 1 D. K. JHA AND 2 D. J. RAJKHOWA
Abstract: Efficiency of cellulose decomposing microorganisms and earthworms either alone or in mixture was evaluated for decomposition of plant biomass viz., paddy straw,Eichhornia crassipes (water hyacinth) and Ipomoea carnea (Kolmou). The kinetics of decomposition of different plant biomass measured in terms of changes in C:N ratio, per cent dry matter loss and time required for composting revealed that decomposition was affected by type, quality, nutrient content in the plant biomass as well as the decomposing agents. Dual inoculation of earthworms and cellulose decomposing microorganisms (CDMs) resulted in maximum reduction in composting period irrespective of plant biomass used. The compost prepared with dual inoculation of CDMs and earthworms recorded the lowest C:N ratios (9.8-16.2) and had maximum N, P, K content and microbial population followed by the compost prepared by using earthworms alone. Among the different plant biomass evaluated, compost produced from I. carnea was superior in terms of nutrient content followed by E. crassipes.
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