Vol. 8 No. 1
Genetic variation and character association in fruit yield components and quality characters in brinjal [Solanum melongena L.]
Abstract: The study was conducted using 70 collections of eggplant germplasm. For growth characters, both phenotypic (PCV) and genotypic (GCV) coefficients of variation corresponded closely, which was reflected by the very high broad sense heritability for most of the characters. Genetic advance as percentage of mean was the highest for mean leaf area followed by leaf area plant-1 and leaves plant-1. Heritability was high for fruit yield and other fruit characters excepting fruit weight. All the characters revealed high genetic advance as percentage of mean. Total phenol content registered the highest GCV showing the widest range (7.26-26.14 mg 100-1 g fresh fruit). Genetic advance was high for total phenol content, moderate for total sugar content, low for crude protein content and very low for moisture content Most of the characters did not register any significant correlation with fruit yield/plant. Yield plant-1 had strong positive association with fruits/plant leaves/plant and primary branches plant-1 at both phenotypic and genotypic levels. Significantly negative correlation between fruit yield plant and sugar and protein content of fruit and significantly positive correlation between fruit yield plant-1 and total phenol content of fruit indicated that yield improvement might sacrifice fruit quality traits. Different character associations clearly indicated that big and plump-fruited genotypes were superior in quality. Path analysis indicated fruit weight was one of the major contributory factors to yield, fruit girth and leaves plant-1 being the others. Fruit number plant-1, fruit weight fruit girth and leaves plant-1 emerged as the most important fruit yield contributing characters of brinjal and these characters may be used as important selection parameters because of their probable conditioning by additive gene action.
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