Vol. 8 No. 2
Influence of plant growth regulators on fruit production of sweet orange
Author(s): S. N. GHOSH, B. BERA AND S. ROY
Abstract: Mosambi-cultivar of sweet orange is very popular in West Bengal and it is successfully grown in Paschimanchal (Red and laterite zone) of West Bengal. Fruit dropping in mosambi is a serious problem at there, leading to considerable yield loss. To minimize such drop, an investigation was made in a private orchard at Jhargram with plant growth regulators, consisting of 7 treatments viz., NAA at 15, 20, 25 and 30 ppm; GA3 at 25 ppm; 2, 4-D at 10 ppm and water spray (control). Four sprays were made, starting from pea stage of fruit development, at an interval of 20-30 days. Three consecutive years of study indicated that NAA at 15 ppm was the most effective in reducing the fruit drop at different months after fruit set which resulted in doubling of fruit production as compared to control. The next effective growth regulator was 2, 4-D at 10 ppm. The fruit weight was significantly improved due to application of plant growth regulators but not the fruit quality like TSS, acidity, vitamin C and juice content in fruit.
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