Vol. 9 No. 1
Analysing and ensuring persuasive extension with respect to preventive innovation for sustainable agriculture
Abstract: In the changed agricultural scenario, as concerns about environmental protection, natural resource stewardship, and the India\'s ability to feed ever-growing populations continue to mount, the sustainability of agriculture and natural resources is emerging as a central theme among the public and policymakers alike. Increased environmental awareness and health consciousness promoted the scientists and planners to think and promote an alternate pathway of extension science for sustainable agriculture with protection to environment and human health, called persuasive extension. Consequently, the present study was conducted with an aim to highlight the issues of persuasive extension and assess the knowledge practice gap associated with the preventive innovation in agriculture. Data collected from 100 respondents with the help of structured interview schedule followed by statistical analyses revealed that among the three groups of farmers (good, moderate, not so good) good farmers had more knowledge about preventive innovation due to their superior characteristics (more experience, publication reading habit, more land holding etc.) than other two groups of farmers, they also followed these practices related to preventive innovation.
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