Vol. 9 No. 1
Altitude extension: an imperative to transfer of technology in North-East hill ecosystem
Abstract: Extension education, by becoming a function for technology socialization, can\'t go without geographical references. With a change of altitude, the panorama of biology and sociology keeps transforming. What is happening since past and till today is a kind of blanket extension recommendations is being made to cover all geographical variations along and across the given hill ecosystem. In this paper and with this innovative approach, an empirical study has been conducted in the North East Hill Eco-system of India which is one of the hot spots of the World, for ultimately designing a both gross and subtle extension plan for desired changes in agriculture and social ecology of hill ecosystem. The altitude variances here are being associated with change in farming system, options of indigenous technology, culture, value and praxis, income and livelihood generation from a micro farming system. The altitude extension thus will add a new dimension of development instead of mere transfer of technology in North-East hill ecosystem.
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