Vol. 9 No. 1
Formation of dry matter yield in alfalfa, depending on the meteorological conditions
Author(s): D. PETKOVA
Abstract: Field trials with alfalfa were conducted during the period 1996-2012 under the meteorological conditions of Obraztsov chiflik, Rousse-Bulgaria. The objective of the study was dry matter yield to be estimated in alfalfa depending on the age of the stand under the meteorological conditions of Northeastern Bulgaria. Dry matter yield of alfalfa, precipitation and temperature sums were determined during the period of vegetation of crop. Annual hydrothermal coefficients (HTCY) were calculated for estimation of moisture - providing also and HTC for vegetation (HTCV) and autumn-winter periods (HTCAW). Dry matter yield in alfalfa without irrigation under conditions of North-East Bulgaria for four years was 499.28 kg ha-1. It varied most strongly during the first and the fourth year of cultivation. The Hydro-Thermal Coefficient from January to December effects positively on yield, comparing with the precipitation and temperature sums.
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