Vol. 10 No. 1
Effect of limited irrigation on growth and yield of rice varieties in a typic Haplustalf soil of Red and Laterite zone of West Bengal
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted to explore the potentiality of growing rice varieties under limited supply of irrigation water. Seven varieties of rice under 5 water management practices were evaluated in the farmers’field at Jhargram. Water management practices exerted significant influence on height, grain and straw yield and the highest grain yield (3.38 t ha-1) was recorded under continuously flooded water regime (CF). Limited supply of irrigation water at different stages of growth decreased grain yield ranging from 27.5 to 43.5% compared to that in CF.Rice genotypes exhibited differential response to water management practices. Though UPLRi -7 produced the highest grain yield (4.39 t ha-1) under CF, under limited water supply IR -36 was still the best variety producing the highest average grain yield (3.31 t ha-1).The present research work pointed out that without ensuring adequate supply of irrigation water rice cultivation during boro season may not be profitable in the Red and Laterite zone of West Bengal.
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